PATH: Past Abortion Transformation and Healing

Following an abortion, some women and men may experience turmoil that affects their well-being. Within days, months or even years after the abortion, emotional, behavioral or spiritual changes may take place. Often, these changes are not connected to the abortion, while some individuals feel stuck with painful memories or thoughts about the abortion.

If you or someone you care about has had an abortion, can either of you relate to any of the following?

If you or someone you care about can identify with any of these, you are not alone. Many others have similar experiences after an abortion.

PATH provides a free, safe, confidential environment to share and process the pain and confusion left by an abortion, either individually or in a small recovery group. Individuals who themselves participated in an abortion healing program offer support and insight. Small groups follow a scripture-based guidebook on a journey to healing from the effects of an abortion.

PATH offers acceptance, understanding and hope.

    Client comments:

There is hope and help. We are here for you. Please call or text us at 202-909-0831 or path@chpc.us